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Battle & Brew was one of the first places I ever visited in Atlanta.

It was also the place that really cemented my decision to move here.

I should probably explain that Battle & Brew is not the only reason why I moved. Between friends, events, and new work opportunities, I had a lot of reasons. But Battle & Brew was the special one, because it’s more than a place for me: it’s a home. So when we heard it was shutting down several weeks ago, I was pretty devastated.

To say people were upset would be an enourmous understatement. Within hours of the announcement, hundreds upon hundreds of people were sharing, commenting, and voicing their confusion and, honestly, contempt. How the hell could such a popular venue just die all of a sudden like that? It was packed all the time, so it just didn’t make any sense.

The rumors spread like wildfire, and while I don’t know all the details myself, I can guarantee you, it wasn’t a PR stunt. So, for all of you goofs saying this was a fake catastophe, you can nip that one in the bud.*



Battle & Brew makes its triumphant return next Thursday, November 30th, at 5pm. I can guarantee this will be a pretty busy night, so if you want to secure your seat, I suggest making a reservation.

They are also hiring for several positions, so if you are interested in working at the coolest bar in Atlanta, you can email your resume directly to or

* Really? A PR stunt? People were actually losing their jobs. What the hell is wrong with you?